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Best Forex Bonus. is your #1 source for latest Best Forex bonuses, promotions, trading contests and all special offers by leading Forex brokers! We feature the most favorable Bonuses and Contests in the Forex industry by well- regulated and reliable Forex brokers. There are no disreputable, unregulated or untrustworthy Forex brokers here, because we take pride in our efforts to provide the best! Get started now with a Forex bonus and enhance your trading strategy, for the better. What’s the latest? Bellow are just the newest bonuses & contests, for all listings, go to related pages. Hot! This Bonus is valid for 2018! Hot! This Bonus is valid for 2018! Hot! This Bonus is valid for 2018! This Bonus is valid for 2017! This Bonus is valid for 2018! New! This Bonus is valid for 2018! Sponsored This Bonus is valid for 2018! BEST! This Bonus is valid for 2018! Featured This Bonus is valid for 2018! Featured This Bonus is valid for 2018! BEST! This Bonus is valid for 2018! Featured This Bonus is valid for 2018! Duration: 1 moth (12 round) Prize Fund: 50,00$ for 90 winners + 500K final. ^ Contest starts every month, hurry up! Duration: 2 weeks. Prize Fund: 1000$ for top 5 winners. ^ Contest takes place every month. Duration: 1 Week. Prize Fund: 640$ for top 20 winners each round. ^ Contest starts within every month. Duration: 1 Month. Prize Fund: 6000$ for top 5 winners. ^ Contest date published on website. Duration: 11 week. Prize Fund: 31,120 USD among top 25 winners. ^ Contest starts every 3 months. Duration: 1 month. Prize Fund: 1000$ for best trader of the month. ^ Contest starts within every month. Duration: 1 week. Prize Fund: 1600$ among top 20 winners. ^ Contest starts every other week. Duration: 1 month. Prize Fund: 50,000 USD among top 5 winners. ^ Contest starting date published on site. About Forex Bonuses & Contests. FREE Forex Bonus - It’s all about “No deposit Bonus”, the most popular FREE Forex bonus offered by some Forex brokers for beginners and newcomers. Trade Forex for real in a pre- deposited live trading account without risking your own money! If you’d be good enough at trading, you’ll have a chance to make profits you with make with these free bonuses and withdraw them! Such free bonuses range from $5 to $100 at times. Deposit Bonus for Traders - Every now and then, Forex Brokers offer bonuses for traders ready to deposit money into their trading accounts. The most widespread type of such promotions is “Forex Deposit Bonus” aka “Forex Welcome bonus” - to increase your account capital, trading volume and enhance your trading performance! Other promotions in this category are Forex Cashback bonus, better trading conditions, no fees for funds transfers and alike. Forex Demo Contests - The most popular Forex trading competitions, because no deposits are required and prizes are usually cash too! With most Demo contests, top winners are determined by the highest balance. To be on top in the competition, you need to be an experienced trader, know the market well and stick to your trading strategy, and of course in demo contests some luck here and there is needed too! Take part in now and win real money! Forex Live Contests - are intended for the most experienced, disciplined and confident traders and they come with big cash prizes! Competing in a Live account is quite different from that in Demo, because real money is involved and the intensity of decision making and trading the market is pretty much high. Real money losses and competitiveness take the psychology of trading to a whole new level. Do you have what it takes? What's the best Forex bonus? A Forex bonus, generally a deposit bonus will enhance your trading by increasing your account balance or allows you to make additional earnings via a cashback offer. Moreover, there are totally free no- deposit bonuses with which you can trade with real money without risking your own. Forex brokers, both regulated and unregulated, offer such bonuses in an attempt to attract clients, you should be wise not to fall for Forex bonuses that are offered by small and unregulated brokers, unless they are completely free with no deposit requirements, then try them since you have nothing to lose (We have listed them for you, with warning - unregulated). Should you choose to deposit real money to receive a Forex bonus, it is thoughtfully advised to choose the best Forex bonuses offered by only big, reputable and regulated Forex Brokers. When choosing a Forex broker, follow these: First and foremost, find a Forex Broker which is Fully Regulated by a reliable Authority such as CySEC (Cyprus) , FCA (UK) , IFSC (Belize) and ASIC (Australia) to guarantee the safety of your assets. If you look around just a little bit, you can surely find many traders who lost their life savings just because they have trusted the wrong and unregulated forex brokers with shady backgrounds. Regulation may not be the only important thing you need to worry about, but it certainly should be at the top of your list. For a serious Forex trader such as yourself, high- quality trading products could make a difference. What separates mediocre brokers from the best are products such as various trading accounts – Cent, Micro, Standard, and ECN, low spread – fixed/floating, high speed order execution , low trading commissions , secure payment methods and highly reliable trading platforms like MT4 offered in different versions (Desktop, Mobil, and Web) and any other additional trading tools that optimise your trading experience. A fine and reliable Forex broker is often fast, dependable, and easy to reach at all hours when you have questions or need technical support. You should be able to contact them via email , phone and live chat to receive the answers to your concerns. A responsible Forex Broker treats you patiently and professionally. Having access to a personal manager for your account can have a great impact on your trading experience. Support services in your language can also be another key advantage for you. The best Forex Brokers are fully regulated , firmly established, and adequately capitalized . Solvency is an important factor which designates if a Forex Broker is capable of establishing credit relationships with important liquidity providers to offer you the best available prices in the market. Forex Brokers that stand out as the best in the industry are recognized due to their transparency , quality products , size of company , credibility as well as support services . Best Forex Bonus - Editorial Pick- up! Looking for the Best Forex Bonus among Forex Brokers? There are important factors to consider before choosing the Best type of Forex bonus that is most favorable to you as well as fitting your trading strategy. Moreover, the broker who gives the bonus, has even higher priority than the bonus offer. No matter how great the special offer is, if the broker is not reliable, stable and reputable, the bonus offer will actually work against you, as the broker will. Below are a handful of Best- rated bonuses specially picked up for you: XM - Trade & Earn + $30 for FREE. XM is one of the largest and most reputable Forex brokers, multi- regulated by FCA, CySEC, ASIC and is extremely popular among both beginners and professional traders. XM offers Cash Reward Bonus - Trade and earn XM Points for every trade you make, later you can turn your earned points into Withdrawable money or even tradable bonus! FBS - 100% Bonus + 123$ FREE. Founded in 2009, FBS is a global Forex broker with a wide geography in Asia and far eastern countries. FBS has achieved a huge success and trust by constantly growing and offering new and beneficial products. For every deposit, FBS offer 100% Bonus up to 20,000$ + all new registered clients can get 125$ absolutely for FREE. Why trade Forex? Forex Market is attracting more traders and investors every day because of many advantages that go along with it, and smart traders can’t just simply ignore such opportunities. If we were to name some of these unique advantages that you, as an enthused trader, can put to good use, high leverage, liquidity equal to five trillion dollars a day, possibility of making profit by both selling and buying, affordability, access- friendly, availability at all hours (24/7), various suitable account types (Demo and Micro) for new- comers, and flexible trading platforms will be the most appealing ones among others. Forex has not become what it is today just because of these advantages, but the quality of being vibrant and more than just a regular financial market. 25% Deposit Bonus Program. Receive up to 25% of the initial deposit as a credit bonus to your follower or trader account. Bonus program gives you the opportunity to earn more with your capital. You can choose up to 25% bonus as an instant credit bonus on your deposit. From 5% to 25% bonus 5 bonuses at a time Unlimited bonus amount. How it works. Choose the bonus level at the time of funding your trading account. The higher level you choose, the larger trading turnover you must have on your account. The bonus is added to your account in the form of a credit, which is not used in trading. You deposit $1 000 and choose 25% bonus level. The total amount of your balance and credit will be $1 250. $1 000 + $250 (25% bonus) = $1 250. Keep trading as usual. 17.5% from the spread will be put aside to cover your bonus credit. When the total bonus amount is matched, it will be automatically credited as real money to your account and will be available for withdrawal. If you have taken more than one bonus, then bonus which was submitted first, will be executed first. Conditions. The bonus can’t be withdrawn before it is matched through trading. Bonus status can be checked at any time in your account. If you have more than one account, you still can’t exceed the five bonus limit. Only one active bonus per one trading account. Additionally 4 pending bonuses can be taken. MTP (Minimum trade points) terms are applied for 25% Deposit Bonus Program for all account types. If there is an active bonus on trading account – equity on the account is being blocked in twice sum of credit bonus amount for transfers, withdrawals and PAMM investing. If during 3 months period you didn’t reach trading turnover on your account then bonus will be deducted from the account. During usage of 25% Deposit Bonus Program forced order closing (StopOut) are equal to 110% of the credit bonus and named Credit StopOut. Company reserves the right to refuse the bonus program to any customer for any reason. Discover smarter investing and trading. Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. Find us on social media. Forex4you © Copyright 2007-2018 E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. First Floor, Mandar House, Johnson's Ghut, P.O. Box 3257, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 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