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System Review: London Statistical Breakout System. Salutations, dear earthlings! It is I, Robopip, back from my pod. After crunching the numbers of pipcompounderís London Statistical Breakout System, I have come up with a summary of my backtesting results. But before I get ahead of myself, I would like to start with a couple of disclaimers. First, remember that I have mechanized pipcompounderís original system as I found the original parameters a bit too discretionary for a robot. And so, the results I have come up with could be significantly different from those of the original system. You can check out the changes I implemented in backtesting the system in my previous post. Also note that your backtest results might differ from mine due to difference in price feeds. Waste time, we must not, humans! Here are the backtesting results of pipcompunderís London Statistical Breakout System for August 8 Ė September 28, 2012: Profitability: 14/20. There is no question that the London Statistical Breakout System is profitable. Over the course of 8 weeks, it has incurred a net win of 13.50% which translates to 269 pips. The systemís win rate is also commendable. Statistics show that more than half of the total signals that materialized closed as winners. However, looking at its average win/loss ratio in pips at 1.99, I find that the system could be tweaked further to become more profitable. Perhaps making use of bigger profit targets could improve this. But unless I test out this theory, I will give the system 14 cogs for profitability. Risk Tolerance: 16/20. I have awarded the mechanized London Statistical Breakout System a fairly favorable grade in terms of its ability to tolerate risk. The systemís losses only average 0.56% which is less than half of its average win at 1.30% per trade. For the most part, the 20-pip trailing stop limited its losses but still allowed for the system to catch the trends that materialized at the wake of the London session. I did not grant pipcompounderís mechanized system a perfect score because I think that it still has a lot of room for improvement. For instance, fakeouts can still be limited especially on short trades. The system would have had fewer losses if sell stops had a 3-pip buffer similar to long entries. Newbie-friendliness: 10/10. Iím going out of my robotic limb and say that the London Statistical Breakout System is the simplest system I have backtested by far. For that, I have given it the full 10 points for newbie-friendliness. It doesnít include any indicator, its rules are very easy to understand, itís relatively easy to code into an EA, and one doesnít have to be in front of the computer all day to trade it! The only thing you really need to know is when the London open is. If youíre not sure about it, I can zap the information directly to ingrain it into your brain or you can head on over to the Trading Sessions section in the School of Pipsology to review it. Total Score: 40/50. Examining the profitability, risk tolerance, and newbie-friendliness, the mechanized London Statistical Breakout System has earned a score of 40/50. Itís one of the highest-scoring systems by far so I urge you, Earthlings, to try it out on a demo account. But I am sorry to say that I have yet to find the Holy Grail of forex trading systems. Perhaps you know of it? Share your trading with me as well as the rest of the world by joining Octoberís Best Forex Trading System contest! You still have time to submit your entries before I return next week to announce the contenders. Just read the contest rules and regulations and who knows, it could be your very own system that I will be backtesting next time around! Thatís it for now, my human friends. This is Robopip, signing off. *Beep beep boo beep* Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. Albert Einstein. helps individual traders learn how to trade the forex market. We introduce people to the world of currency trading, and provide educational content to help them learn how to become profitable traders. We're also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. Breakout Ea Forex System. I’d like to improve overall performance of the Daily Breakout EA. Very long time back there is OZFXDaily system. I believe somebody keep in mind this particular guide technique. Therefore after that there is constructed EA known as OZFX Daily we do not precisely remeber the actual title of the EA. And so i obviously keep in mind the actual MM presently there. Click Here to Download A NEW Trading Tool and Strategy For FREE. These were reducing earnings step-by-step. For instance right here we now have set TP as well as SL is actually great however occasionally a person free a lot pips. For instance should you review present PRECIOUS METAL screenshot. You will find very large quantity of pips eliminated aside in the event that all of us consider just 20 pips TP. Therefore i’d like which programmist may have a look about this. For instance we are able to help to make Degree of TP for instance 5 occasions. THEREFORE here’s such as all of us perform: Allows industry 1 standard great deal. All of us may have 5 actions associated with TP. Therefore 1 great deal separate associated with four is going to be 0. two. * TP — 20 pips as well as ea requires very first great deal 0. two as well as instantly places END UP BEING +1. * forty — pips great deal 0. two shut within revenue. * sixty — pips great deal 0. two shut within revenue. * remaining plenty it will likely be 0.4 passes trailing. Therefore right here all of us increases the actual overall performance therefore very first day time ea required 20 pips as well as would go to END UP BEING +1.After that it may be ea will require 20 pips as well as set jigs within our path therefore we are able to consider currently much more pips. I really hope this really is obvious. Recent Searches. Recent Posts. Archives. Other Searched For. GREAT Stuff . Categories. evolve theme by Theme4Press • Powered by WordPress.

Forex breakout system review

Trading style: incorporates four strategies - scalper, breakout, reversal, euro-range - in one EA, see the Forex Combo System review and the review update for more information. Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD. Forex Trend Detector forward test. Trading style: trend trader, exploits volatility breakouts and employs a smart exit strategy to avoid whipsaw scenarios using a high TP target and a low SL. Currency pairs: EURUSD. Channel Trader Pro forward test. Trading style: channel breakout with a 200 pip SL, averaging about 11 pips per winning trade, sending trading signals by means of a MySQL database. Currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURJPY, AUDCAD. Ascent. February 19, 2013. Trading style: watches for breakouts and opens baskets of up to 7 trades in an attempt to capture an emerging trend. It uses dynamic stop loss and take profit targets. The EA only trades when a new bar is formed. Currency pairs: EURUSD. Forex Robin VOL live forward test. Trading style: trades volatility breakouts and their retracements, opening additional trades as long as the entry conditions are met, up to a configurable number of trades (8 by default). Only trades at bar open. Currency pairs: EURUSD. Price: $395 + $195 yearly subscription. Interbank Trade Advisor live forward test. January 21, 2012. Trading style: breakout trading combined with inter-range trend scalping in the US session; automatic trading combined with manual, with a variety of fundamental factors taken into account. Currency pairs: EURUSD. EA price: $99/month. Forex Combo System revisited – version 3.0. December 25, 2011. It's been over one year since the launch of Forex Combo System and its live performance has been very good in spite of the hard times many Forex trading strategies have been through. Forex Combo System has proven to be a very solid expert advisor and ever since the inception of the EA Top, it managed to always hold a good spot. Out of all the Forex robots that have seen the the reader's browsers on my website, it is probably the most steadily profitable system. Even though it seemed to need nothing more to be a truly versatile automated Forex strategy, the vendor shows us that the system is still being improved: the ending month of the year brought an unexpected gift to all its users, a new major version that incorporates a whole new strategy, bringing the total count to four different strategies in a single product, rivaling an EA portfolio. Two Percent Daily live forward test. October 31, 2011. Trading style: uses breakouts as entries; a tight break even and trailing stop enables it to close in profit most of the time and makes its trading scalper-like. Currency pairs: EURUSD. Expert Advisor price: $499. Smart FX Breakout Hunter live forward test. October 31, 2011. Trading style: attempts to trade with the trend by using breakouts on multiple timeframes as entries; it is also employing news avoidance and volatility filtering. Forex Breakout System Review. The Forex Breakout System points out some interesting things on its website, some of them that you may already be familiar with. For example, 90% of the people that trade in Forex are going to over trade and will give their money over to the 10% that are actually making money. The Forex market is a zero sum market which means that there is not going to be any money left floating around after the trades take place. You’re either going to end up as a winner or as a loser when ever you are placing your trades. The Forex Breakout System claims to be able to help you to be in the winning 10%. Does it fall within the top 10% of our recommended products? Forex Breakout System Home Page. Our rating is based upon no less than 10-15 unsolicited, unbiased testimonials of the product. These are found on forums, blog posts, similar media and other related sites which reflect real opinions about the product. What it Claims to Do… The Forex Breakout System is not an automated system and it does not claim to be one. What it is, however, is a system that you can work because it explains to you exactly why it works. Whenever you use the Forex Breakout System, you are not left in the dark as to why you are making your trades. This can really help whenever it comes to using common sense, your most important Forex trading tool. By giving you clear trading signals that allow you to know when to get in and when to get out, this is an extremely simple system to learn and to put to use. It is a system that is used by bank traders and they use it for one reason, it works. Most importantly, The Forex Breakout System gives you absolute control over the trades that you make. It is a guide that you can use to be successful but it is not something that is going to place the trades for you. What it Actually Does… The Forex Breakout System seems to offer everything that a trader could need without giving over too much control to an automated program, and the customers seem to agree. Most of the people that were talking about this particular system were happy with the breakout program that it provided. Some people complained that it was basic but by and large, the majority of individuals who used it more happy with the results that it produced. Conclusion… The Forex Breakout System makes it onto our winning checklist. It is a system that can be used by virtually anybody who is active in the Forex market, regardless of whether they have been doing it for many years or if they are just starting out. These breakout systems are an excellent way for you to make money in the Forex market and this is one product that does a good job of pointing you in that direction. The thing that we are most impressed about with this particular system is that it gives you all of the indicators that are necessary to make good trades without automating the process and taking your good common sense out of the mix. Although there are some automated systems, such as Forex Autopilot which can be used, this is a good one if you like to have the ultimate control over what you do with your money. Post Your Real Experiences About the Forex Breakout System below : About Alex. Connect with us on Google+ Filed under Systems · Tagged with. Comments are closed. Recent Posts. Blogroll. Archives. Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved ·