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plus500 Review – Markets Forex Broker Bonus. Share this forex article: Review – Markets Forex Broker Bonus. is very famous among the internet brokerage run by the SafeCap Investments. It is a reliable broker that tracks all elements of currency exchange. is suited for both newbies as well as expert trading professionals, and is pretty versatile. See trading video : Forex broker offers trading tips in this video: traders can choose from three different account types: Mini Account: gives an initial welcome bonus of $250 and mobile news service for only $20 per month for Mini Account holders. Standard Account: Holders of this account will get a generous welcome bonus of $2,000 and can get access to mobile news service included at no extra charge. VIP Account: VIP account holders will get free access to mobile news service and free FX signals. Also they get free access to a personal market dealer. In order to withdraw your bonus from professionals must do a minimum deal of $10,000 for each $1 bonus. also provides 4 types of platform, although each provides the same logical features for the most part, the difference is in the platform’s convenience and safety measures- MT4 Trading Platform: Business Forex and CFDs with MetaTrader 4, the highly effective platform that expert professionals rely on. It also allows you to make use of one-click; at-best obtain performance, innovative complex research and unmatched automated capabilities. Plus, access to many Indicators and Planning Sources and create/ set up tailored Expert Advisors. With MetaTrader 4, all this and countless other features will optimize your trade on the internet. MarketTrader: This down-loadable, windows-based platform is simple to set up and operate, and comes with a versatile, one-click drag-and-drop interface. Market WebTrader: It is an uncomplicated web platform which synchs up to your MT4 profile. This platform gives you use of the markets from any computer and provides all the features you need to deal successfully. Market Java Trader: This is geared towards professionals who require greater convenience which require no download and installation. Withdrawals and Deposits: provides a variety of withdrawal and deposit options including Debit or credit cards, Bank transfer, GluePay, Liberty Reserve and WebMoney. What makes interesting are their improvements such as multiple regulation by various loan companies as well as the welcome bonuses offered by that reward customers for doing trade at high level. The low initial investment requirement of $100 allows for just about any deal at any level of expertise to open a trading account with Trading Assets: provides many currency exchanges and CFD’s to deal with. Execution: has a platform that handles currency exchange very quickly, with only two clicks to buy or sell. Traders have 4 different trading types such as advanced, beginner, medium and also standard. Spreads: Beginning from 3 pips propagate on the leading currency exchange, the propagate for dealing gold is 70 dollars; silver is 6 dollars and for oil only 5 dollars. provides a truly competitive propagate. Customer Support: 24- hour customer assistance from Sunday to Friday is available without any issues. Traders can contact customer care via live chat, phone or email. Trader Resources: Each and every trader will get trading news delivered instantly via SMS to their mobile for $100 monthly. ValuTrades: One of The Leading UK Forex Brokers. The Forex industry is one of the most developed industries in today’s day and age. Many people fantasize about becoming Forex wizards who earn millions with trading, and they join the market to step closer to their dream. In order to become successful a good broker company is essential, which will let you withdraw your profits, link you to the best quotes, and provide the necessary tools for smooth trading. Now we are going to discuss one of UK’s biggest broker companies. The ValuTrades review gives you detailed information about this Forex, market leader. ValuTrades General Info. ValuTrades is one of the Britain’s many Forex brokers who made it to the international scene and it counts clients across the whole wide world. The company became quite famous if we consider that it has been around for only three years. Even if experienced brokers get extra points for their experience, newly established brokers bring freshness and innovations to the market. With 40+ products on its assets list, the broker has come a long way. As every UK broker, this broker also had to apply for an FCA license. Since ValuTrades secured the FCA license, we can freely say that the broker is in good hands and that your funds will be protected sine the broker has to play by FCA’s rules. For example, we know that the FCA requires its entities of supervision to start out with $1 million of capital, as well as to join the security and insurance scheme whereby every trader has to be ensured with $50,000 in case the company goes bankrupt. This is very important for every trader who participates in the highly volatile and ever-changing market. ValuTrades is an ECN broker which means that they link their traders to third parties and there is no conflict of interest between the broker and its clients. The broker is not the liquidity provider, only the intermediary. The Platform and Software. ValuTrades goes with the flow and offers the mainstream trading platform Meta Trader 4. The MT4 became as known and popular as the industry itself. Online trading has become only successful because the MT4 was so powerful and easy to use that it conquered the hearts of traders and investors. Sometimes I think that the platform will never get old and gain immortal status. In addition, the broker offers the Multi Terminal MT4 MAM which enables trading simultaneously on multiple accounts, but it is also aimed at investment and fund managers. The brokers also offers a FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) which is an electronic communication interface for communication between a trader, client, investment fund, broker, and liquidity provider. As you probably already know, the MT4 comes in the mobile app version as well, so you probably already assume that you can download the ValuTrade mobile app to your smartphone device. What Accounts can be opened with ValuTrades? Besides the Demo account, there are three more ValuTrades accounts which are ranked according to traders’ trading experience: Valu Standard account is commission free, but it therefore comes with wider spreads starting from 1.2. It requires a minimum deposit of $100. Valu Raw account comes with all the features as the Standard account, except for the extra benefit of offering narrower spreads already from 0.1 pips, and the drawback of requiring a $5 commission per lot traded. Both accounts come with a 1:400 leverage. The Valu VIP account requires a $100,000 deposit but therefore it requires no commission, offers custom spreads, and the leverage is 1:100. It is already clear that the VIP account is truly for those with deeper pockets and not for regular traders. Still, the broker also offers affordable accounts, which means that they welcome all traders and investors who are willing to trade. ValuTrades Bonus. ValuTrades bonuses include cash back bonuses, and the broker runs occasional promotions for welcome bonuses in the amount of 30% and 50% of the initial deposit up to $2000. It is nice to see that bonuses are still active with some brokers, after the negative no-bonus trend which many brokers adopted too quickly. The Forex market and Forex traders are still used to the extra trading credit and bonus money, and they tend to choose brokers which include generous bonuses. On the other hand, bonuses can fire backward if we consider that many brokers’ bonus policy manipulates traders into spending more money before they can actually withdraw the bonus money. In the end, it often turns out that they have spent more than earned. Banking Options. ValuTrades offers normal payment methods and transfer conditions. They accept wire transfers and credit cards, as well as e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and UnionPay. ValuTrades employees process withdrawal requests within one day, and the money will probably appear in your account the next day, except for wire transfers. Also, you do not have to pay any additional withdrawal fees (but the broker is not responsible for third-party fees). Customer Support. The ValuTrades customer support is reliable and efficient with a fast-reply policy. Traders really appreciate when they do not have to wait for 24 hours to get information which is relevant only in the moment. The broker offers all modern-day ways of contact, from phone and e-mail to live chat which has become the most popular method. In general, this broker sounds good and seems to offer all that is necessary to start a secure and potentially successful trading career. Margin deposit bonus. The promotion has been finished, but you can always register, deposit your account and start trading with JustForex. Even more money for trading on Forex. Get even more funds for trading with our company! JustForex is offering to receive bonus for every deposit you make. Now if you deposit your account with just 100 USD or more, you have an amazing opportunity to get the bonus up to 100% from the amount of your deposit and use it for trading. Deposit your trading account with at least 100 USD. Choose the bonus amount according to your preferences. Get a bonus to your trading account and continue earning with JustForex! Bonuses are applied to all Classic and NDD trading accounts. The client has an opportunity to choose the amount of the bonus. The amount of bonus depends on the sum of the deposit: 10% or 25% on every deposit from 100 USD to 500 USD; 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% on every deposit from 500 USD and more. The amounts of deposits are not summed, the bonus can be received only on the one-time deposit (For example, the client deposits 50 USD and 50 USD, this will not be considered as 100 USD and the bonus will not be credited). Deposits made using any available to JustForex clients payment system participate in the bonus program. To learn more about the payment systems that are available, please visit this page. Special Deposit Bonus rules may take place for some of the payment systems. The account deposited with less than 100 USD does not participate in the promotion. The limitations on the maximum bonus amount that can be received are the following: 5 000 USD is the maximum bonus amount that can be received on one trading account; 10 000 USD is the maximum bonus amount that can be received on all the client's trading accounts. In order to get a bonus the client should mark "Get a Deposit Bonus" in the deposit form of Back Office, choose the bonus amount, read and accept "Deposit Bonus rules" and click "Deposit" button. The bonus will not be received for the internal transfer between the client's accounts. The bonus funds are credited to the trading account in the field "Credit" and can be used as additional margin for trading. The detailed information is displayed on the "Received bonuses" page in the client's Back Office. In order the bonus funds to be transferred from the field "Credit" to the field "Balance" and the funds become available for withdrawal or further trading, it is required to conduct the trading operations in the total volume of: = / 4 for Classic accounts; = / 3 for NDD accounts. Bonus can be received for every deposit for the sum of 100 USD and more, but in this case the required volume (according to the clause 9 of the present rules) is traded consecutively according to the order of deposits. The following orders are not considered in the calculation of traded volume: orders with the trading result which is less than 3 pips; orders closed before the account was deposited to participate in the bonus program. Until the moment the required volume is traded, only the profit can be withdrawn. To remove the restrictions on the withdrawal of deposited funds, which participate in the promotion, the bonus should be canceled in the "Status" column on the "Received bonuses" page in the Back Office. Upon the completion of the conditions of the bonus described in the clause 9 of the present rules, it will be automatically transferred from the field "Credit" to the field "Balance" within 2 hours. The maximum time to trade the required volume is 90 calendar days from the moment of depositing the trading account. After the lapse of the named period, in case the conditions described in the clause 9 of the present rules are not fulfilled, the bonus will be canceled. Bonus may be also canceled prior to the end of the period in case the funds on the trading account of the clients are: Equity ? Credit. Upon the reaching Margin Call level on the trading account, clients receive the notification in the trading terminal. There are no restrictions on the partner revenue share from the trading accounts that participate in the promotions. The company reserves the right to change, update or cancel this promotion without the prior notification. Margin trading on the Forex market is speculative and carries out a high level of risk, including full loss of deposit. You must understand this and decide by yourself whether this type of trading fits you, considering the level of knowledge in a financial area, trading experience, financial capabilities and other factors.