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Best French Forex Brokers. Forex trading has taken the world by storm. What was just another form of investing for big companies and individuals with huge amounts of cash, has now opened up and almost anyone can participate, with the potential to earn huge pots of money. Letís get the warnings out of the way first. Because, as with all forms of investment the value of currencies can go up as well as down. So we feel it only fair to mention that there is also the possibility of making huge losses. Which is why we advise new traders to be cautious, and gain some experience with a demo account before trading with your own money. France, like many other countries, has embraced the world of Forex trading, and there are plenty of opportunities for French citizens to participate. However, it is always advisable to make sure your trading is done with a regulated Forex broker in France. If you want to know more about a particular broker then you can check their license on the website of the AMF, Autorite des Marches Financiers . The AMF is an independent body, responsible for safeguarding investments in financial instruments and all other savings and investments. You need to know the basics if youíre planning on trading Forex in France. Before France joined the European Union, the official currency was the French Franc. Once it joined the European Union, the official currency became the Euro. Ever since it was introduced in 2002, it has been used in most money operations carried out in France. Trading in the foreign exchange markets has been taking place for years, but it wasnít until the advent of online Forex trading that it became possible for anyone to do. Now a number of the best Forex brokers are offering their services to residents of France, and there are also a number of local French Forex brokers to choose from. The Bank of France is one of the biggest influences on the foreign exchange market in France. There are very few other Forex markets who are dependant as the one in France. It is the bank’s goal to stabilize the market, help in its development, and introduce new fiscal and foreign exchange policies as and when needed. TRUSTED FOREX BROKERS. TRUSTED FOREX BROKERS. The Autorite des Marches Financiers, takes illegal Forex brokers in France very seriously. France isnít one of the major players in the Forex market, but is still responsible for a large part of the trading volume that takes place. One of the reasons for the popularity of the Forex market is the liquidity of the Euro. And also the fact that the Euro is used all over the world. The Forex market is also important for the French economy, and regulatory bodies are doing everything they can to make this form of trading as safe for consumers as possible. In 2015, they blacklisted more than 70 unauthorized Forex brokers in France, as the regulators became increasing concerned about fraudulent brokers targeting French investors. Many of the firms blacklisted were located overseas, outside of the European Union, and were benefiting from the fact that Forex trading can be offered online. Numerous other warnings have been issued in recent years regarding unauthorized Forex brokers, as well as informing investors of the risks involved in Forex trading. A recent watchdog campaign organized by the Authority showed some stunning results. The clients of some Forex companies were able to open an account and trade without providing any form of identification, and when it came to withdrawing funds things proved to be very difficult. Things to consider when looking for the best Forex brokers in France. Finding the right broker, and one that is reliable and trustworthy, is an important step to make when starting out in the Forex market. Weíve already mentioned the importance of choosing a Forex broker that is licensed. But there are a number of other factors to bear in mind before making a choice. The standard of customer service – Good customer service is a good quality to look out for. But you can only get a feel for the service once youíve opened an account. However, spend some time trawling the internet for customer reviews, and you should be able to get a fair idea of the service that is offered. The ideal customer support should be available 24/7, and preferably have a live chat option. Swap rates/ spreads/ commissions – Understanding the cost of Forex trading is important. Some express commission as a percentage of the spread, but many charges for their services by way of the spread. Another factor to consider is the minimum deposit requirements, as they can vary considerably. Trading platform – Trading platforms are very convenient as they save time and allow orders to be placed 24 hours a day. Try out the various trading platforms by opening a demo account. Payment options – Itís important that funding and withdrawing from an account can be done easily. All Forex brokers have their own payment methods which can be found on individual websites, and we will also mention them in our Forex broker reviews. More Forex Brokers by countries. Exclusive Offers Latest Broker Reviews Academy Tips and Tricks. Get the latest Forex updates now! Receive the latest Forex broker reviews and offers Learn more about trading Forex through our academy section Start trading with a demo account and teach yourself to be a trader No thanks, maybe later. Risk Warning - Your capital is at risk. Trade with caution, these products might not be suitable for everyone so make sure you understand the risks involved! Forex Brokers In France. 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It is always possible that you could lose a part, or even all, or your initial investment, and it follows that you should never invest any money that you cannot afford to lose. This applies to any form of investment. There are certain risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and if you have any doubts whatsoever, you should take advice from an independent financial advisor. Any opinions offered at FXHQ are the opinions of individual authors, and they do not necessarily concur with the opinions of FXHQ or the management of the company. Errors and omissions may occur in statements made by, or opinions expressed by, individual authors, and you should note that FXHQ does not and has not verified the accuracy or otherwise of any such opinions or statements. FXHQ does not offer investment advice, and accordingly any information on this website including news reports, opinions, prices, research, and analyses is offered as a commentary on the market, and does not constitute particular investment advice, whether offered by FXHQ, it's employees, partners, authors, or other contributors. When considering any investment, you should always do your own due diligence. FXHQ, it's employees, partners, authors, or contributors, do not and will not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred by you for any investment decisions that you may make from the use of any information provided. This includes any loss of profit, without limitation. ©2015 "FXHQ INC. FOREX HeadQuarters" All Rights Reserved. Forex Brokers in France. France is one of Europe’s biggest, most dynamic and potentially most rewarding Fx markets. It is also one of the most conservative, in regards to the rules and regulations guiding the activity. At the center of what can only be called a massive anti-Fx push, is the local financial regulatory agency, AMF (Autorite de Marches Financiers), which is indeed one of the strictest and most draconic such authority in Europe. The AMF has traditionally aimed to guide the French public away from investments entailing high risk and high reward, towards the much more conservative stock market. The regulator is fairly certain that the advertising practices employed by some of the operating Fx brokers are unfair, as they tend to downplay the financial risks associated with the activity, focusing instead on the potential rewards. Forex brokerages who have run afoul of the AMF are added to a backlist, which currently holds quite a few operators. This list is constantly updated, as the AMF uncovers new rule-breakers. The reasons behind the heavy-handedness of the AMF are very real though, and well argued. Back in 2014, the authority conducted a study, according to which, 9 out of 10 French Forex traders had lost money during the period spanning the previous 5 years. The losses were massive too, averaging out at more than EUR 10k per person. It is also true though that most of those losses were to unlicensed Fx brokerages located outside the jurisdiction of the AMF. There are a fair number of Fx brokers authorized by the AMF to offer financial intermediary services in France. - Active 10+ years. - 40% New Member Bonus. - Very well regulated. - Social Trading Platform. - 24/5 Customer Support. - 50% FTD Bonus! (non EU Traders only) - Active since 2001. - 300+ markets can be traded. - Multi Asset Trading Platform. - No Time Frame for Demo Accounts. - Very well regulated. - Social Trading Features. - Available in 25 languages. - $30 + Deposit Bonus up to $5,000 (t&c apply) - Very well regulated. - 24 hour support. - No Minimum Deposit. - Very well established. - 24/5 Customer Support. (Your capital is at risk. Losses can exceed investment. Leverage trading is high risk and not for everyone) - No dealing desk executions. - Account management for traders on varying experience levels. - Up to 1:500 leverage with micro-lots (0.01 size) available for everyone. - Scalping, hedging, trading on the news, and EAs are permitted. - Forex Pais and CFD Trading. - Cash back loyalty bonus. Earn up to ?1.80 cash back per lot.