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Best Forex Brokers 2018. Risk Warning : Trading Forex, CFDs or Commodities involves risks and is not suitable for everyone. This type of trading involves a substantial risk of losing the invested funds. Rating is based upon average ratings from individual forex traders collected world wide from numerous websites throughout the Internet. Spreads: Fixed / Dynamic 24/7 Customer Support Broker has a proprietary interface to make its account funding process easier. Spreads: 0 pips 24/5 Customer Support Well established and a trusted forex broker. Spreads: 0-3 pips 24/7 Customer Support MetaTrader4 platform. Spreads: 1.5 pips 367+ asset choices Up to 1:500 leverage with micro-lots (0.01 size) available for everyone. Spreads: 1.8 pips 24/5 Customer Support Scalping, hedging, trading on the news, and EAs are permitted. Spreads: 2 pips CFDs, spread Betting Proprietary debit card for quick withdrawal applications! Spreads: 0.2 pips Spot forex, CFDs, spread betting and stock brokering service MetaTrader4 & Sirix platforms. Spreads: 1.7 pips 24/7 Customer Support Minimum Deposit $100. Spreads: Fixed Live Chat Accounts may be individual, joint, or corporate, with options for traditional or ECN type pricing; Spreads: 0-2 pips 24/5 Customer Support STP/ECN services ensure no slippage or re-quotes ? scalping allowed; Spreads: Fixed CFDs, crypto currencies Scalping allowed. Spreads: Fixed / Dynamic Live Chat No Minimum Deposit. Spreads: 1.8 pips 24/5 Customer Support Founded in 1996. Spreads: Fixed Live Chat Forex pairs and CFD trading; Spreads: Fixed 24/7 Customer Support Over 130 assets: Forex pairs (65), Indices (21); Commodities (20) and Treasuries (8); Spreads: 1.8 pips Live Chat Dedicated Account Manager; Spreads: 0-2 pips 24/5 Customer Support FCA, BaFin, CMB & KNF. Spreads: Fixed / Dynamic Investor Education Trading Academy includes extensive support for all levels of traders. Spreads: 1.8 pips CFDs, crypto currencies Scalping allowed. Spreads: 2 pips / Dynamic Live Chat No Minimum Deposit. Finding the right broker. The forex market is the largest market in the world. There is more money traded on this market than any other. Even the highly popular stock markets cannot keep up with the 3 trillion or more dollars traded every day. Add to this the fact that the market is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week, and it is pretty easy to see why so many people are pleased with trading in the forex market. In order to be involved in this wildly popular and active market, one needs to have a forex broker. There are plenty of these brokers available, and signing up for an account is no problem. Once an investor has entered all of his or her information, then it is simply a matter of depositing and trading. As with any investment, it is best to know something about how this market works before getting involved. Not knowing these things is a recipe for disaster in trading. It is so important that all people consider taking some courses about how to trade before making any decisions about getting invested in the forex market. It is simply one of those things that is best learned before being practiced. All of that being said, finding the right forex broker is also an important step. Everyone wants to make sure that they have a broker that has the best quotes and the smallest spreads. Commissions are not as big of a deal in this market because any reputable broker is not going to take out a commission for the work that they do in this area. It is simply something that is not an industry standard. The forex trading world can be a very exciting place where plenty of money can be made. It is very important to take part in this truly amazing marketplace. If you are looking to get in to the forex market, and you want to ensure that you fully understand the market and that you are getting the best returns on your stocks, you are going to want to find the Best Forex Broker to work with when you are trading in the market. When you find the right broker, they are going to be able to help you to choose the best investments to really diversify, and to help you earn the biggest amounts in funds, when you are trading in this world wide forex market. The right broker is also going to help you to determine what you want to stay away from, and which investments are going to hurt you and your financials, more than they are going to be able to help your portfolio out, when you are looking to get the most diversity in your trades on the forex market. Benefits Of Using A Forex Broker. Having the chance to get to invest in money can be a great thing for a person to do. The issue which comes up is trying to figure out how to do this. However, if the person knows the benefits of using a forex broker it will be easy for them to understand why they should be using these. Some of the benefits which a person will find is they can use someone who has knowledge of these items, the person will be able to get the reports right away, and these professionals will get to have the proper trades made without having to rely on a computer. The knowledge these professionals possess is something which can be great. With the programs the person still has to set up the program and can make mistakes. However, some people should learn these professionals will know all the tricks and how to input the figures properly. Getting reports compiled right away can be hard to do. However, with the professionals the person just has to call them to get the information. Then the person will have a live site of how well they are doing. Relying on a computer to make the proper trades can be hard to do at times. This is when some people need to learn more about the way the professional forex broker will help them in making the proper trade. Then the individual can have the proper trade made at the right time. For many people it can be hard to figure out how to invest their money. This is the time some people need to learn more about the benefits of using a forex broker. Three of the benefits people will discover is they can use someone who has working knowledge on this type of workings, the person can get the proper reports immediately, and the professionals will be able to make the right trades at the right time. So, if you are new to the market, or if you are just looking to get an extra boost, and to find the right help, you have to find the Best Forex Broker in order to help you out when you are trading on the market. The more time you take in finding the right broker, and the more time you take in learning about the forex market in general, the more you can expect to earn when you are trading in the market. So, whether you are going to just buy in to the market for the first time, or whether you are a seasoned pro who is looking for help in diversification and in owning new stock in the forex market, when you find the very Best Forex Broker you are going to be able to do just that, and you will see the increase in the earnings you are going to make. Topics. Join our Mailing List. Latest Forex Brokers. Top Brokers. Popular Reviews. Copyright © 2018 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Top 10 Forex Brokers in the World. Foreign Exchange market or Forex , as known commonly, is a market for currency trading. The market is used for exchanging, selling and buying of currencies at determined or current rates. If compared in trading, it is the biggest market of the world. The major participants in the market are big International banks. Here is list of top ten forex brokers in the world: List of Contents. 10 Direct FX. It is the biggest forex broker of Australia and 2 nd largest in Southern Hemisphere. The company gained popularity last year with increasing Chinese traders. The company has a trading platform that is very advanced and market depth has many levels with low spread and excellent execution. The mission of the company is to provide their customers with best environment for trading and facilitate its customers with all the resources and tools they need. The management of the company is extremely experienced and has up to 40yrs of experience. The company focuses on applying technologies innovatively, excellent execution and new customer opportunities. 9 Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. & Interactive Brokers Group, LLC, together make a corporate group, subsidiaries of which are broker and market maker. The headquarters of the company are in Connecticut and also has its offices in Chicago, Budapest, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Montreal, Saint Petersburg, Shanghai, Tallinn, Zug, Tokyo and Sydney. The company was established By Thomas Peterffy, its CEO and Chairman in the year 1994 and subsidiaries operates on forex, futures, options, stock, ETF, CFD exchanges and bonds worldwide. One of the largest subsidiaries of the company is Interactive Brokers LLC, a broker-dealer in US, which was founded in 1993 and its other subsidiary is Timber Hill LLC, market maker in US since 1982. The company is mainly regulated by US financial Induatry and Regulatory Authority, US Financial Services Authority, and US Securities and Exchange Commission. As of 2013, the company earned revenue of $ 1 billion and net income of $417.6 million. 8 OANDA. OANDA is a foreign exchange co. from Canada, which provide services like Online retail foreign exchange trading (Forex), forex information, currency transfer and currency conversion. In US, it is considered as non-bank FCM (Futures Commission Merchant) that has specialized in trading spot forex and is registered with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and also a member of National Futures Association. The company was established in 1996 by Richard Olsen, The Olsen Ltd. a leading research & development firm and Michael Stumm, professor at University of Toronto. In 1996, its US subsidiary, OANDA Corporation was opened in Delaware, to provide live currency details through online access. At the start, the company website provided free tools for currency conversion, historical data tables, multilingual interface for analysis and news. In 2013, Edmond Eger III was appointed as the CEO of the company. 7 GMO Click Securities. GMO Click Securities Co. Ltd. or Jiemu Oh click securities, Inc. is company providing internet securities in Japan. The company was established on 28 th October 2005. The company is mainly into stock trading, Futures and options trading, Foreign exchange margin trading, e-warrant, CFD and insurance. The company is registered in the Hong Kong and focuses mainly on Japanese market and has a very little existence in any other country. In Japan, a very low leverage is allowed, maximum of 25:1, due which trading volume of the broker decline the previous year. It is subsidiary of GMO click holding, having 100% shareholding and as of 2013; it had a capital of 4.3 billion. 6 is the name used by GAIN Capital for the purpose of trading. GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. is a financial service co. in America. The company has its headquarters in New Jersey and specializes mainly in online trading since 1999. The other services provided include foreign exchange, CDFs and products for institutional and retail investors. The company went public in 2010 and was traded at New York Stock Exchange. The company was established in 1999 as GAIN Capital Group. In 2004, was launched by the company for customer trading of foreign exchange market (forex). The website provides support and educational materials and facilitates trading. The purpose of the website was to help customers who can their own decisions for investment but have less experience in foreign currency trading. The key people of the company include Glenn Stevens as CEO, Nigel Rose as CFO, Samantha Roady as president, Jeff Scott as COO and Mike Lear as CIO. The brands under which company function are GTX,, City Index Group, Daniels Trading and Galvan research and Trading. 5 IG Markets. IG Group is a company that provides financial derivative trading like CFDs and financial spread betting. The majority of the activities are based in UK but has also expanded in international market. The company is listed on London Stock Exchange and is a part of FTSE 250 Index. The company was established by Stuart Wheeler in 1974 as business of spread betting as IG Index. Its operating companies are IG Index and IG markets. IG Index is into spread betting in financial markets and binary options under UK Gambling commission. IG markets are into CFDs, which offer it in similar range in financial markets. The key people of the company include Andy Green as chairman and Peter Hetherington as CEO. As of 2015, the company has revenue of 427 million pound and net income of 131.9 million pounds. 4 Hot Forex. Also called as HF Markets Ltd., is one of the biggest forex brokers from Africa and is based in Mauritius. It is a company that has won awards for its commodities and forex broker services to both institutional and retail clients. The company offers trading software, tools and different account types to facilitate institutional and individual customers for trading CFDs and forex online. It has grown rapidly in couple of years and became 4 th biggest in world. It has successfully captured markets of Africa, Europe and Asia and can become 2 nd biggest if continue to progress in the same way. The company has received awards like “Best Client Funds Protection Broker Awards” and “Best Forex Broker”. 3 FXCM. Forex Capital Markets or just FXCM is a foreign exchange broker based in America and provides its services online. It has its own trading platform but also use other platforms like Meta Trader 4. Apart from US, the company provides trading of CFDs on main indices and products like crude oil and gold. The company was established in 1999 and was early developer of forex trading online. In 2003, the company entered in partnership with Refco group, futures brokers of US. The group had 35% stake in the company and licensed the company software for the use of its clients. The company expanded internationally and opened London office, which was regulated by UK Financial Services Authority. The company headquarters are in New York and has offices in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Dubai, Sydney, Milan etc. The company has Drew Niv as its CEO and Co-founder and is mainly into foreign exchange and financial brokerage. It has total of 844 employees. 2 Earlier it was known as XeMarket, the company is based in Cyprus and is into foreign exchange broking. It provides services through several platforms like MetaTrader 4. It is also into CFD trading on main indices and products like crude oil and gold. The company headquarters are in Cyprus and offices in Greece, Hungary, New Zealand and Australia. The company is a subsidiary of Trading Point Holding Ltd, which was established in 2009 by Ilias Mavrommatis and Costas Cleanthous as XEMarkets and later changed it to in the year 2013. The 3 subsidiaries held by Trading Point are Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd in Cyprus, Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd. in Australia and Trading point NZ Ltd. It provides its services through platforms like MetaTrader4. The company has received awards like “Best innovative Forex Product”, “Best trading Execution Broker”, “Fastest Growing Broker” and “Trading Platform with Best Execution”. 1 Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank is basically an investment bank in Denmark. The products offered by the company are Investment banking, online trading, trading platform and investment. The headquarters of the company are in Copenhagen. The company was established in 1992 by Lars Seier and Kim Fournais, having majority stakes. A minority stake in the company was bought by General Atlantic for $30 million. Later the same stake was purchased by TPG Capital in the year 2011 for DKK 9.6 billion. The key people of the company are Lone Fonss Schroder as Chairman, Henrik Normann as Vice-chairman, Kim Fournais as Founder & CEO and Lars Seier as Founder. As of 2014, the company has revenue of DKK 3,006.8 million and net income of DKK 381.2 million. Top 10 Forex Brokers in the World. Forex has become one of the big markets and people have started showing keen interest in it. They invest in the market and earn profits through market movements. These companies mentioned above have made things easier for interested people or people have foreign clients. Comments. Your post extremely cool. I glad to be here. I enjoyed reading your articles and i would like to bookmark your posts.